Glass Art Techniques used by Doris Cohen


Today Glass art has reached such a high level of sophistication that one tends to forget that the basic process can still be traced back to an ancient root. Earliest forms of glass art have been found as long as millennia ago in the Egyptian civilization. The Roman's took over from there and introduced some pioneering techniques which are relevant even today. At artist Doris Cohen uses the same techniques and methods which have been handed from the masters of the craft for generations. To understand the creative process of a glass art product and why it’s so often called a painstaking labor of love we have to know the various forms of glass art and techniques.


Glass Blowing- In this process the basic raw material like silica, sand, limestone is mixed together along with the desired coloring agents. This material is then heated at high degrees ranging up to 2100 Fahrenheit. This produces a molten mass. Then the artist introduces air into the mass using a blow pipe and shapes the object. The material is re heated as required so that the artist can achieve the required shape. When the piece is finished it is kept in a kiln for a process known as Annealing to make sure that the artwork does not cool down too quickly and break.


Stained glass art- Around 9 and 10th century artist in Central Europe started playing with this art form of colored heated glass. Traditionally the required colors are applied to a sheet of glass and then heated in a kiln which are then further cut into desired shapes and pieces. Originally stained glass art was confined to the church buildings but over the centuries artist have taken this art form into a level where any imaginary possible shape or object can be created.


Cast Glass- Also known as Sand casting, in this method heated glass is fused in molds of sand, silica or ceramic which are made of intricate patterns. These molds are them removed to get the final sculpture.


Free Form- In this technique a ball of heated glass is manipulated by hands or tools to get the required sculpture.


Lamp Work- This involves using of torches to shape heated glass alongside other tools to get the required form. This glass art is mostly used to obtain delicate figurines and shapes. Traditionally lamps were used in places of torches, hence the word Lamp Work.


These are just some of the many techniques and glass art methods used here on objects made by artist Doris Cohen at For more information please check Wikipedia which has tonnes of resources on the art and method of Glass art.



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