Stained Glass products and gifts remain one of the perennial favorites of art connoisseurs. Those with a sense for taste and aesthetics will any day prefer a stained glass or glass art product over a similar product made with other materials. At let us try and understand the significance of having a stained glass product in your home decor or for gifting purpose.


Evolution as an artwork- A major reason why stained glass products have become so popular in recent times is that not only has the cost of material come down, but also that new techniques and art forms have evolved which allow the artists today to create stunning stained glass art products. Gone are the days when the term stained glass brought out memories of colorful church windows. Today stained glass products can range from an intricate table lamp to a highly complex sculpture. Everyday household decor items can be made with stained glass using various techniques like glass blowing, fusing, lamp sculpting, sand crafting and glass painting. And it’s apparent at the first sight that a well designed glass art work will always look better than the same product being created using other raw materials. Because of the techniques used in making the glass art work, an artist can literally design the product to play with light and the surrounding ambience. While other materials are static, a well made stained glass product will always look different under various conditions. That is what sets apart a stained glass artwork.


Pricing - It’s still a common misconception that if it’s a stained glass artwork it is unnecessarily expensive. This is not true at all. Yes, indeed they are costly as compared to same product made with different material but one has to understand a few important reasons for that. Firstly, the cost of raw material. A good glass artwork requires various complex techniques to be applied to it be it fusing, glass blowing etc, and all this material is expensive. One has to remember that one is not talking about a mass produced item but a handmade glass artwork. Second and the most important aspect is that each glass artwork is an artistic journey for the artist. From the concept, to personally making it with hands using complex procedures to putting finishing touches to it. Also, keep in mind that these artworks (the one's here at aren’t replicated or copied or mass produced. A design once made will not be used again. Even a painter can sell print of demand of his original paintings, but a glass artwork cannot be. And that is also what gives the stained glass artwork premium. Knowing that the stained glass table lamp you have just got for your house is the only one of its kind in the whole world is a completely different experience all together.


Gifting - The above also applies to gifting stained glass products. If you really want the other person to feel special, what would you prefer? Gifting a mass produced item or a stained glass gift which comes attached with a Certificate of Authenticity stating the originality of the product, artist's signature and that its single piece creation in that design. Stained glass artwork gifts or for that matter any original gift is perhaps the best source of stating your feelings for the person who gets the gift.

At ArtsOnGlass we carry a whole range of Stained Glass products. New products are being added regularly as this is a revamped website. We currently carry following categories of products.

1. Stained glass table lamps

2. Stained Glass Menorah

3. Stained Glass Candle Holders

4. Stained Glass Dinnerware

5. Stained Glass Religious Products and Gifts

6. Stained Glass Hamsa and Ornaments

7. Stained Glass Napkin Holders.

8. Stained Glass Mirrors

9. Stained Glass Figures

10. Stained Glass Trays

11. Stained Glass Wall Hangings.

More and more products will be added regularly. For all your beautiful stained glass products needs.



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