A Menorah is a traditional Jewish candelabrum. It comes in two basic shapes. The seven candles Menorah and the nine candles Menorah. The seven candle variety was used in the dedication of the Holy Temple. The nine candles Menorah is more associated with the Jewish festival of Hanukkah also known as the festival of lights. In this Menorah the 9th candle is also known as the helper candle and is used to light other candles. While the first eight candles are placed in a certain pattern, the ninth candle is always placed somewhere else.

Decorative Menorah's are extremely popular especially during Hanukkah festivities. Gone are the days when a simple Menorah would do for the festivals. Today designer and decorative and most importantly Stained Glass Menorah are in rage.

At ArtsonGlass.com we have for you special handmade decorative Stained glass Menorah. Made with complex glass art skills these beautiful Menorah's will add a special feel to your festivities. Stained glass artist Doris Cohen has designed these Menorah's in different colors and shapes while retaining the traditional spirit. Stained glass Menorah look extra special compared to Menorah's made in other material as the glass uses the light from candles to add an extra sparkle. These stained glass Menorah's play with light and using a combination of stained glass color patterns and light behavior come out beautifully as a beautiful piece of home decor apart from its use in religious purpose.

If you want your Menorah to stand apart from the others this festive season, you have come to the right place. These decorative stained glass Menorah also make for an ideal festive gift.


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