The Hamsa is a Mid East Asian amulet with particular importance in the Judaic traditions which symbolizes it as a hand of God. Known in a variety of names like Hamsa, Hamsa hand, Hamesh, Hamesh Hand or Khamsa, in all faiths it’s a protective sign or amulet. It is believed that it brings its owner or wearer luck, fortune, health and happiness. It is also known as hand of Miriam after Moses and Ariams’s sister. There are basically two types of Hamsa design, the most used being hand shaped Hamsa with two symmetrical thumbs and the other one resembling a hand with various designs.

Hamsa is also heavily used in Islam and Christianity and with renewed interest in the kabbalah faith its popularity especially amongst the youth as a fashion statement is on the rise.

Hamsa can be used as an ornament, worn around the neck, used as wall hanging at homes, in baby carriages etc to ward off the evil eye.

Decorative Hamsa have become a rage amongst youth in recent times. Decorative hamsa in stained glass are highly prized. That is why here at we have hand crafted the finest and most decorative stained glass hamsa for you. Each Hamsa conforming to traditional design has been made in such a manner that it will stand out as a fashion symbol or as a beautiful ornamental and decorative hamsa. We carry Hamsa necklace, stained glass ornamental Hamsa for home and much more. Each design is unique, handmade glass art work and affordable designer Hamsa.

Made from the finest stained glass, these decorative Hamsa can be worn, used as a decoration or can be used in car, baby carriage etc.  These stained glass Hamsa come in various colors and designs, with only piece created in its design.

These decorative stained glass Hamsa also make for a unique gift. All of our Hamsa come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. Just imagine the surprise and joy the gift recipient will have when they know that you have gifted them a one of its kind gift Hamsa. Stained glass gifts are in any way much classier than a mass produced gift. These stained glass gift items are now available in USA and Canada too and can be ordered online. Ideal Jewish gift especially with festivals around the corner.

Newly intoduced Hamsa on our store include

Red Prayer red colored stained glass Hamsa.

Siesta brown color stained glass Hamsa.

Crimson stained glass Hamsa.

Blue sky blue color stained glass Hamsa.

Sun yellow color stained glass Hamsa

Dark Brown stained glass Hamsa.

Dazzle Light blue color stained glass Hamsa.

Blue Mosaic glass and stained glass Hamsa.

Ivory stained glass Hamsa.

Green Twist green colored stained glass Hamsa.

Beige stained glass Hamsa.

Cedar mosaic glass and stained glass Hamsa.

And much more…

We also store other stained glass gifts like stained glass lamps, stained glass candle holder, stained glass candle stands, stained glass napkin holders, stained glass Menorah and more.

All these Stained glass Hamsa are hand made by Stained glass artist Doris Cohen.

French Canadian Artist Doris Cohen is based in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario Canada. Famous for her paintings, Doris is also an accomplished glass artist. Having learned from traditional masters in
Europe, she specializes in stained glass art techniques like blown glass, sand blasted glass, molded
glass, colored glass and others. Each item is a painstaking labor of love, handmade and one of its
kind. All stained glass items in her studio are made in Canada and come with certificate of
authenticity. Get your Doris Cohen brand stained glass products today and add to your home decor.


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