Decorative lamps are an integral part of any home décor and design. And one of the many reasons behind it is that once you have filled your room with beautiful furniture of your choice, an empty makes the room look completely incomplete. Choosing a beautiful decorative lamp for your corner will not only bring completeness to your room but also great aesthetics. Whether it’s your drawing room, living room or your bedroom, a beautiful and decorative lamp is a must for home décor.

But how many times does this happen that you visit a place and find a lamp which you have seen many at many places before also! Mass produced table lamps have filled the market place and even though many of those designs are beautiful, having a unique original decorative standing lamp is product which really stands out. You can find such original decorative standing lamps in many materials like ceramic, stone, brass or wood. But how about a stained glass lamp which is unique in its design and stands out as a glass art work. Stained glass lamps scores over other decorative lamps and one of the main reasons behind is the interplay of light and glass. When light reflects from a stained glass lamp it acquires a unique artistic flow which cannot be matched by any other lamp. Stained glass artist design these lamps in such colors and patterns that when light is switched on it no longer remain just a lamp but rather an artistic piece.

At Stained glass artist Doris Cohen keeps this interplay of light and glass as her focus while designing these stained glass lamps. The mixture of colors, crystals, structure, pattern etc everything revolves around one and only one thing, to not only give you a beautiful showcase lamp but a work of art when you switch the light on.

Also, you can be very well be sure of the fact that these stained glass lamps are unique because only a single piece is created in that design and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist herself. This also makes them an ideal home décor gift, because when the recipient sees the certificate they well know that not only have you selected a beautiful stained glass gift for them but also that it is a unique piece. Giving these stained glass lamps takes gifting to an altogether different level.

Home or office décor is something which is very close to the person living in that place and it’s important that when you start looking for an ideal decorative lamp for your precious room corner, you consider stained glass products. A stained glass lamp not only functions as a lamp but also as an artistic showcase. Your guests will sure appreciate your detail for aesthetics when they see these beautiful and decorative stained glass lamps at your place.

So start browsing our collection to add a beautiful artwork that a stained glass lamp is.


At we also offer various stained glass gifts like stained glass dinnerware, stained glass wall hangings, stained glass blessings, stained glass mirrors, stained glass napkin holders, stained glass Menorah, stained glass Hamsa, stained glass figurines, stained glass sculptures and other decorative stained glass products. Each stained glass product or stained glass gifts come with certificate of authenticity and originality. These stained glass products are now available for online sale in USA and Canada too.


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