In the past few years the markets have been flooded with the most stylish and beautiful decorative candles one could ever imagine. These decorative candles come in thousands of colors, designs, shapes and size. Your home or office too would be having these lovely candles. But what about candle stands and candle holders which can match up to these beautiful candles. Decorative candle stands and candle holders must go hand in hand with them one would have thought so, but the fact remains that not much thought is put on them.

Decorative candle stands not compliment the value of these beautiful candles but also are a decorative show piece product in themselves. That is why we have introduced decorative stained glass candle stands and candle holders. Why stained glass? Yes there are some very good candle stands in other material like metal, ceramic, wood etc but stained glass candle stands add an altogether different dimension to the tale. And that is, the way glass and light complement each other to create stunning visual effects. Light shining from stained glass emanating different colors is a visual delight.

At stained glass artist Doris Cohen has exactly done that. Carefully designed stained glass with different shades of color and patterns to ensure that when light reflects from the various shades it brings out a completely different visual experience. And only stained glass can do that, to elevate candle lighting from a simple effect to a pleasing and aesthetically soothing visual experience. For example if the stained glass candle stand or holder is created in pink, various shades of pink are then infused and patterns are made to make sure when light reflects from the surface various shades of pink give you various light effects from a single candle flame.

These decorative stained glass candle stands and stained glass candle holders are hand made by stained glass artist Doris Cohen, with each piece a single creation in its design and color. All stained glass gifts come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. This also make the ideal stained glass gift product. When the recipient opens the gift and sees the certificate, they will realize how much thought and affection you have put in choosing this gift for them as this is an original and unique gift.

These stained glass gifts are designed in such a manner that not only can they be useful as a candle stand but be a piece of decoration itself for your home and office décor. Your guests are sure to appreciate your taste and detail when they notice that even an everyday use item in your house is a decorative product. Browse through our collection and get the best limited edition stained glass candle stand for your home décor.

Now available online in USA and Canada too.

All stained glass gifts are hand made by stained glass artist Doris Cohen.

At we also offer various stained glass gifts like stained glass dinnerware, stained glass wall hangings, stained glass blessings, stained glass mirrors, stained glass napkin holders, stained glass Menorah, stained glass Hamsa, stained glass figurines, stained glass sculptures and other decorative stained glass products. Each stained glass product or stained glass gifts come with certificate of authenticity and originality.


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