Ever wondered what is that part of your dinnerware which makes the first and lasting impression when you have guests over for dinner? Of course, one may have the most beautiful dinner plates, glasses, jugs, spoons etc, but it is the good old humble serving tray which your guests see first and make their first impression about your aesthetics.

Of course there are many beautiful serving trays available in today’s market but how about something completely different. Yes, we are talking of Mosaic glass artwork serving trays which is completely different from the mass produced ceramic or metal serving trays. Something so unique that you and only you have them as part of your dinnerware. Your guests are sure to notice the intricate mosaic glass artwork on these serving trays as they pick up their glasses form these trays. They are sure to appreciate your taste and style.

What makes these mosaic glass art serving trays unique is that each tray has a different design with intricate artwork of various colors of mosaic glass. These mosaic glass serving trays are hand made by stained glass and glass artist Doris Cohen. Each tray is a single creation in its design and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Ideal as a gift. When your loved one sees the certificate of authenticity which comes with the product, they will appreciate your gifting them the only piece created in this limited edition. Stained glass gifts have a charm of their own and on any given day stained glass gifts are classier than other mass produced gift items.

These decorative Mosaic glass artwork serving trays can be combined with other stained glass gifts like stained glass napkin stands and stained glass salt and pepper shakers which are also available on this website.

Now available online in USA and Canada too.

All stained glass gifts are hand made by stained glass artist Doris Cohen.

At artsonGlass.com we also offer various stained glass gifts like stained glass dinnerware, stained glass wall hangings, stained glass blessings, stained glass mirrors, stained glass napkin holders, stained glass Menorah, stained glass Hamsa, stained glass figurines, stained glass sculptures and other decorative stained glass products. Each stained glass product or stained glass gifts come with certificate of authenticity and originality.


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